Hydrorevolution’s History

Hydrorevolution recognized the need for someone to take leadership in the Aquatic Fitness market, specializing in drag resistance training programs and education. To do this, we partnered not only with the two leading drag resistance equipment brands, Aqualogix and Aquastrength, but with a worldwide network of trainers and industry experts to develop a wide range of workout programs to cater for all demographics.

If you are an aquatic trainer or industry expert interested in developing workout programs with Hydrorevolution, please get in touch with us.

Why Hydrorevolution

Hydrorevolution is dedicated to providing a wide range of world-class workout programs to help people of all ages and fitness levels optimize performance and reach their goals through drag resistance training.

Like all fitness equipment, in order to get the most out of it you need to ensure you are following the right training program for your level and fitness goal.

Hydrorevolution has recognized the diversity of drag resistance equipment designed by Aqualogix and Aquastrength and works with a wide range of fitness professionals from around the world to write workout programs that cater for all ages, fitness levels and training goals. Everyone can benefit from Aquatic training, whether you are recovering from an injury or looking for a new method of cross training to improve your sports performance. We have all the right programs to help you every step of the way, regardless of what your fitness journey looks like.

As Used By

In the United States, Europe and Australia, Hydrorevolution products and training programs are used by the biggest names in sports and fitness. Will we see your logo here?