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Caring for your Barbell

All Hydrorevolution Barbell bars are made with Outdoor Rigid PVC to ensure the perfect amount of flex when working out in the water. To help keep your barbell looking, and performing at its best, please ensure you take note of the below care instructions:

  1. DO NOT leave your barbell in direct sunlight or stored in excessive heat when not in use. Doing so can cause your bar to distort and lose its original form
  2. Store your barbell in a climate-controlled location, making sure it is in a completely horizontal or vertical position to prevent any bowing. Do not lean it on or against anything as this can also cause the bar distortion in high temperatures
  3. Treat your barbell with care. Do not drop or drag it across any hard surfaces

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Barbell Quick Start Guide

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Barbell Assembly Instructions

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Instructional Videos

Assembling the Hydro-Tone Barbell

Hydro-Tone Barbell Deadlift

The Aquastrength Barbell Rip


How do I assemble my barbell?2021-02-07T13:22:05-08:00

Due to postal size restrictions, the barbell will often arrive unassembled. Here are step by step instructions and no tools are needed to complete assembly which takes approximately 2 minutes.

Barbell Assembly and Quick Start Guide

What is the difference between the 3ft and 4ft Barbell?2022-07-25T09:53:50-07:00

The 4ft Barbell provides more flex with the increased bar length which promotes rapid muscle contractions. It allows for a wider grip position and more overhead mobility. We often recommend this barbell for those who are over 6ft or plan on doing lots of rowing or overhead movements. Those under 6ft are generally suited to our standard 3ft barbell.

What exercises can be performed with the Barbell?2020-04-20T19:22:40-07:00

The Barbell is great for upper body, core, and rotary stability exercises. You can download our free Barbell 360 Workout program here for more exercise ideas.

How do I assemble my Hydro-Tone Barbell?2022-05-09T16:07:26-07:00

You should have received instructions in the box. We also recommend watching this quick assembly video

What tools do I need to assemble my Hydro-Tone Barbell?2022-05-09T16:08:53-07:00

In addition to what comes in the box, the only tool you will need is a phillips screwdriver. A phillips screwdriver will work for both versions of the screw that your bells may have, “square” or “phillips.”

Can I use the Hydro-Tone bells separately for an upper body workout?2022-07-25T09:49:22-07:00

Yes! You can remove the bells by pushing the adapter buttons on both sides of the bar end simultaneously. Please note that the barbell adapter piece has been designed to remain in place to allow easy assembly. Whilst it will not affect the performance when using the bells on their own, we encourage you to take care and ensure the adapter pieces are facing away from your body when working out.

The Aquastrength Barbells use modified Aquastrength Bells which are not meant for handheld use.

Will the Barbell Kit work with an existing set of Hydro-Tone Bells?2022-05-09T16:14:26-07:00

Yes! If you already own a pair of Hydro-Tone Bells, you can purchase a barbell Kit to convert your bells into a barbell.

Do I need to take the Hydro-Tone barbell apart after using it?2022-07-21T10:48:35-07:00

If you live in a cool climate and can leave the barbell laying flat while in storage you can leave it fully assembled. However we recommend removing the bell from each end of the barbell before storing it if you live in higher temperatures or are unable to lay flat. This will help prevent any unnecessary bowing. Storing your equipment in a climate controlled location is always preferred.

I already have an Aquastrength Barbell, what’s the difference?2022-05-09T16:16:52-07:00

The Hydro-Tone Barbell can be used as a barbell, or as bells. It also provides significantly more resistance than the Aquastrength Barbell so is ideal for those focused on strength and power. The Aquastrength Barbell is still a great option for general fitness and in particular rotational based exercises.

How long is the Hydro-Tone Barbell?2022-05-09T16:17:30-07:00

The length of the bar itself is 3 foot. With the bells attached the total length is 58″

I see a listing for the Barbell Kit and the Complete Hydro-Tone Barbell, which do I need?2022-05-09T16:18:08-07:00

If you already have a set of Hydro-Bells and simply want to be able to convert them to a barbell and back, then the Barbell Kit is all you need. If you don’t have a set of Hydro-Bells yet, then you will need to get the Complete Hydro-Tone Barbell, which includes the Hydro-Bells, Bar and Adapters.  


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