Georges St-Pierre’s Training Secret Revealed: The Aquatic Training System that Changed My Life

Today GEORGES ST-PIERRE shared one of his training secrets that helps keep him in “the best shape of his life” and announced a new collaboration with Aquatics company HYDROREVOLUTION. Since his ACL injury in 2011, Georges has been taking his workout to the water with the help of drag resistance training equipment from AQUALOGIX and AQUASTRENGTH. Not only did this form of training help him recover quickly and efficiently from his injury, but fast forward 7 years and Georges continues [...]

The Difference Between Buoyancy and Drag Resistance Equipment

Typically when people think of aquatic exercise, they think of pool noodles, foam dumbbells and an easy alternative to working out. What they often don’t realize is that Aqualogix has changed the game with their drag resistance equipment, which creates a training effect that is unable to be achieved with buoyant equipment. Drag resistance equipment allows users to work a muscle group equally and smoothly in any direction and offers a level of resistance tailored to each individual. The harder [...]

Aquatic Resistance Training: Going from Strength to Strength

There is no doubt that Aquatic exercise is changing, and fast becoming a first option and not a last resort for people around the world. With fitness giants such as Speedo getting on board to help to spread the word, people are realizing that the pool can be used for more than just swimming and dancing around with a noodle! Something that many are still unaware of however, is just how effective waters resistance can be when it comes to [...]

4 Reasons Why I am Loving the Hydrorevolution Prenatal Workout

Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend obviously wasn't pregnant at the time! Don't get me wrong, I love diamonds just as much as the next girl, however for the past 7.5 months water really has been my best friend. During pregnancy I have been making an effort to take each day as it comes and listen to my body. I made it my goal to remain fit and healthy, without putting too much pressure on myself. After trying [...]

Can I lose weight with Aqualogix or Aquastrength Equipment?

Many people often ask if aquatic exercise is an effective form of training if your goal is weight loss, the answer? Absolutely! Here are 4 reasons why: More Resistance Put quite simply, it takes more energy to push your body through water than through air because of the resistance that water provides. The more energy you use, the more calories you will burn. It is estimated that the average 30 minute pool workout burns approximately 300 calories. Add drag resistance [...]

I Can Do What in the Water?!

Aquatic training has come a long way since the introduction of the pool noodle back in the 1980's. No longer is the water seen as a place to turn if you are injured, overweight or elderly, instead it is a proven method of training that is used by people of all ages and abilities, including some of the worlds top athletes and sports teams. From improving strength, to training for a marathon and improving your sports specific skills, there isn't [...]

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