How to Improve Your Knee Health: A Better Way

More and more people with joint issues, especially the knee, are looking for alternatives to traditional rehab and exercise. Dealing with an injury or limitation of any kind is frustrating, and clients that aren't seeing results after months of focusing on traditional training modalities such as Physical Therapy and land-based training often ask if there is a solution that is better, safer, more fun, and more effective? The answer is YES! All you need is access to a pool or [...]

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How to strengthen your core with Hydrorevolution

A goal that many of our customers share is wanting to strengthen and tone their core. Usually this is not so much about sporting a six-pack as it is to improve their overall health. All movements stem from the core so it is not only beneficial when it comes to working out and playing sports, but it can help improve posture, combat lower back pain and enhance general wellbeing. Whilst most aquatic exercises will challenge your core to some degree [...]

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How Aquatic Training Can Improve a Golfers Performance

Competitive athletes at all levels are always on the lookout for ways to remain fit and injury free! This is why many professional sporting teams and athletes are utilizing aquatic training to not only recover from injuries but to prevent injuries whilst training to stay on top of their game.  Golf is also a unique sport that requires the body to do a great deal twisting/rotating. For that, one needs to be strong and have a great range of motion [...]

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Take Your Workout to the Water With This Free Hydrorevolution Program

As the Coronavirus pandemic intensifies and many countries continue to enforce lockdowns, people are finding themselves in search of different workouts they can complete at home in an effort to stay fit and healthy during these unprecedented times. Exercise is not only great for keeping you in great shape both physically and mentally, but it has been proven to help boost your immunity too which we could all use at the moment! With summer on it's way and over 10 [...]

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5 Reasons Why We Love the New All-Purpose Hybrid Fins by Aqualogix

When searching for new fitness equipment there are a few boxes most people want to try and tick. Is it effective? Is it versatile? Will it last? Is it portable? Is it affordable? Fortunately, the new All-Purpose Hybrid Fins by Aqualogix meet all the criteria at a fraction of the cost of other training tools. Effective: Just like the other fins in their range, the Aqualogix All-Purpose Hybrid Fins are an extremely effective method of training. The new 5" Fin [...]

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