I Can Do What in the Water?!

Aquatic training has come a long way since the introduction of the pool noodle back in the 1980's. No longer is the water seen as a place to turn if you are injured, overweight or elderly, instead it is a proven method of training that is used by people of all ages and abilities, including some of the worlds top athletes and sports teams. From improving strength, to training for a marathon and improving your sports specific skills, there isn't [...]

4 Ways to Improve CrossFit Performance With Aqualogix and Aquastrength

As the 2015 CrossFit games finish, CrossFitters everywhere are more motivated than ever to push themselves and improve performance! Whether you are new to CrossFit or an elite athlete competing regularly, here are 4 reasons why you should incorporate Aquastrength into your training regime. Improved Mobility and Flexibility All good CrossFit coaches will tell you how crucial it is to work on your mobility and flexibility when it comes to improving your performance as a CrossFit athlete. Whilst foam rolling [...]