Choosing Your Equipment

We have a range of different equipment and training bundles available. All the GSP bundles include the Exclusive GSP Aquatic Fusion Workout Program and exclusive access to the GSP exercise video library (Password supplied with program). To help you choose the best equipment or bundle to suit your needs, have a look at the options below:

Upper Body Bells

You can choose between 4 different Upper Body Bells. Depending on your fitness goals you may wish to choose a couple of levels of options to vary the levels of intensity throughout your training.

Aqualogix High Speed Bells: Ideal for those focused on rehab, recovery or speed work

The Aqualogix High Speed Bells are perfect for those just starting out on their fitness journey, or for those looking to do a lot of recovery or high speed work. They provide the least amount of resistance allowing the user to do fast upper body movements, igniting the small fast twitch muscles for explosive power and speed.

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