A case study of ‘The Pool is the New Gym’

Aqua Fitness should no longer be seen as the ‘poor cousin’ whether it be in the swim school or gym setting/environment.

Aqua Fitness (in its many forms) is on the move in Australia. Increasing numbers of men and women are taking to the water, either as an addition to their already established fitness routine or as the core component of ‘getting active and fitter’.

This case study began in 2017, at four established indoor swimming schools in Adelaide, South Australia. We see gyms investing in ‘state of the art’ equipment on a regular basis, obviously in an effort to encourage, increase and retain membership. But rarely do we see any $$ being spent on Aqua Fitness equipment.

In January 2017, we did just that! Why…because I believed that an opportunity existed and that like any business, we needed to diversify. This was an opportunity to establish another income stream that would support the future success of the current business.

And so, after purchasing 15 sets of resistance equipment from Aquastrength, I met with a group of excited and motivated Aqua Fitness Instructors (already employed by us) and revealed my plans. Within a few hours, ‘The Pool is the New Gym’ concept was formed.

My plan was to run 8-week blocks (pre-paid) and then rotate the equipment from site to site, giving all of the swim schools a taste of the new innovative equipment.

And so after 12 months, the Return on Investment sat at 478.66%.

I very quickly realized that the take up was so ‘big’ that it would be crazy not purchase sets of the Aquastrength equipment for each of the sites.

The benefits go well beyond the financial of course. We have seen a new clientele visit our swim schools, boosting our Learn to Swim program and many of the other programs that we offer. We are playing a part in encouraging a healthier community and offering an exercise option for those who don’t enjoy going to the gym, going for a run or riding a bike.

Will it last the test of time? It most certainly has…the equipment is as popular as ever and we haven’t had to replace one piece of the equipment in 5 years!

Julie Stevens