The Aqualogix Hybrid Fins and Aquastrength Fins come with fully replacement velcro straps and neoprene pads so you can easily replace them as they deteriorate over time with heavy use.

If you have a pair of the classic Aqualogix Fins (those with the plastic fins riveted to the strap), you can try this. You may be able to increase the security of the Velcro grip by adjusting (not cutting) the position of the neoprene pad. You can remove the pad from the fin and then slide it over about 1 inch. The overall length of the fin will now be longer and you will see the back side of the leading fin, when looking at the backside of the fin. This is fine though as you’ve also increased the surface area of the Velcro “Hooks” and will therefore have a better contact patch when wrapped.