If the fins are fitted correctly, you should not experience too much movement during your workout. We have also upgraded the neoprene on the Hybrid Fin which features more of a textured / embossed material on the skin side of the pad which offers increased levels of grip. We recommend familiarizing yourself with our fin fitment video to ensure you achieve the best fit before hopping in the pool. Also, avoid applying sunscreen or lotion to the skin where the fins will be fitted.

No matter what you need to strap the fins on tightly for a good hold. Specifically, for the Aqualogix version of the fins, an easy way to increase the security of the Velcro grip is to adjust (not cutting) the position of the neoprene pad. You can remove the pad from the fin and then slide it over about 1 inch. The overall length of the fin will now be longer and you will see the back side of the leading fin, when looking at the backside of the fin. This is fine though as you’ve also increased the surface area of the Velcro “Hooks” and will therefore have a larger contact patch when wrapped. This is shown in the Aqualogix Fin Fitment Video above.