The Camera Icon in the PDF Doesn’t Load any Videos2021-04-09T08:14:42-07:00

For customers that have received premium level training programs, you may also have access to video library content. This content is accessed by clicking on the camera icon found at the top of each training page in your program PDF. If you are not connected to the video content when clicking on this icon, you computer may have removed these links. Some security settings will remove or disable these links but still allow viewing of the document. This can be corrected by temporarily adjusting your security settings associated with the program launching the PDF and downloading/opening the file again.

If you are unsure how or unsuccessful in getting this to work we have many of the direct links on our site – Video Library Access (password required)

You may also contact us directly (info@hydrorevolution.com) to be provided your access links. Please provide your order number and we will send the information via email.

How do I fit the Aqualogix Hybrid Fins to my wrists?2021-03-10T15:55:55-08:00

While the process used to fit the Aqualogix Hybrid Fins to your wrist is similar to the one used to fit them to your ankle, there is a method to make it easier. Once attached to your wrist, the fins will provide upper body resistance without anything to hold in your hand. You can also combine the use of the fins on your wrist and bells in your hands for increased upper-body resistance. See video link below.


Where is Aqualogix and Aquastrength Equipment Made?2020-05-01T13:51:09-07:00