Where is Aqualogix and Aquastrength Equipment Made?2020-05-01T13:51:09-07:00

All the ABS and Polycarbonate components to our Fins, Bells and Barbells are manufactured in San Diego, CA. The high quality Neoprene and Hook & Loop components for our Fins is produced in Taiwan and imported for final assembly in our San Diego facility.

How long do I have to complete the Online Course?2020-04-20T19:42:30-07:00

In order to earn your CECs, you must complete the course within 1 year of purchase.

Will I earn CECs after completing the course?2020-04-20T19:41:33-07:00

Yes! This course is approved by the industry’s leading organizations. Below are the credits available.

  • AEA = 6.5
  • CECs ACE = 0.6
  • CECs AFFAA = 5.0
  • CECs ATRI = 6.0
  • CECs NASM = 0.5CECs
Who is the Hydrorevolution Online Training Course suited to?2020-04-20T19:40:23-07:00

Our Online Course is ideal for any Fitness Professional looking to learn more about drag resistance training. It is perfect for those looking to take their Aquatic Classes to the next level as well as trainers who are new to Aquatic Training and wanting to learn more about how our equipment works and can be used with different populations.

This course can also be a useful reference for those wanting to learn as much as possible for their own personal training benefit.

Where can I find a Hydrorevolution Trainer or Facility that offers classes?2020-04-20T19:39:16-07:00

Check out our Trainer and Facility Finder here.

How do I access the videos in the GSP Aquatic Fusion / Knee Recovery / Shoulder Recovery Program?2020-04-20T19:38:05-07:00

On the top right-hand corner of all the exercise pages you will see a small video camera icon. Clicking this will take you to a private Vimeo library where you will be required to enter the special password that would have been sent to you when you purchased the program.

Do you offer video workout programs?2020-04-20T19:37:00-07:00

Most of our programs are PDF files that can be downloaded and printed or viewed on your phone. The GSP Aquatic Fusion Workout, Knee Recovery Program, and Shoulder Recovery Program all come with access to a video library that consists of short clips demonstrating a few reps of each exercise in the program.

What is a good workout program for beginners?2020-04-20T19:35:20-07:00

We offer a growing range of workout programs to suit all ages and fitness levels. Due to the nature of the equipment, all of our workouts can be adapted to suit anyone. The harder you push, the harder the workout will be! The Total Body Workout utilizes bells and fins…a great starting point for most people. You can download this program for free here!

What exercises can I perform with the Dumbbells?2020-04-20T19:26:00-07:00

We are working on a dumbbell specific program, however, they can be used to perform most of our standard upper body exercises that use bells. The Upper Body Program is a good workout to start with, we also recommend keeping an eye on our Facebook and Instagram as we are always sharing different exercise ideas.

What is the difference between the pink and blue Dumbbells?2020-04-20T19:25:07-07:00

Just the color, the pink and blue Dumbbells both offer the same level of resistance.

How do I assemble my Dumbbells?2020-04-20T19:23:51-07:00

Dumbbells may ship unassembled due to postal size restrictions for certain services. You will receive all the necessary components to complete assembly along with step by step instructions. Assembly takes approximately 2-3 minutes.

What exercises can be performed with the Barbell?2020-04-20T19:22:40-07:00

The Barbell is great for upper body, core, and rotary stability exercises. You can download our free Barbell 360 Workout program here for more exercise ideas.

What is the difference between the 3ft and 4ft Barbell?2020-04-20T19:20:44-07:00

The 4ft Barbell provides more flex with the increased bar length which promotes rapid muscle contractions. It allows for a wider grip position and more overhead mobility. We often recommend this barbell for those who are over 5’8” or plan on doing lots of rowing or overhead movements. Those under 5’8” are generally more suited to our standard 3ft barbell.

How do I assemble my barbell?2020-04-20T19:19:59-07:00

Due to postal size restrictions, the barbell will often arrive unassembled. You will receive step by step instructions and all the components necessary to complete assembly which takes approximately 2 minutes.

What Fins are a good option for elderly customers?2020-04-20T19:09:19-07:00

The High Speed Fins by Aqualogix are a popular option, however, if you are wanting slightly more resistance the All Purpose Fins would also be fine.

My Fins are slipping / moving during my workout, what can I do?2020-08-18T07:56:24-07:00

If the fins are fitted correctly, you should not experience too much movement during your workout. We recommend familiarizing yourself with our fin fitment video to ensure you achieve the best fit before hopping in the pool. Also, avoid applying sunscreen or lotion to the skin where the fins will be fitted.