What is a Hybrid Fin?

The All Purpose Hybrid Fins are the newest addition to our line of functional drag resistance equipment. They provide a great balance of good resistance for knee hinge movements and also long lever hip articulation. The Hybrid fins can also be used for high speed water exercises, dynamic neuro-muscular training, athletic performance training, rehabilitation and injury recovery pool training.

The new and improved design offers enhanced performance, fit, comfort and durability.

2-Minute fin assembly is required prior to your first use. Instructions are included in the box, or you can watch our assembly video here. Be sure to separate the pair of Velcro straps that will arrive stuck together and can appear as one.


Customizable & Replaceable

Keep your Fins as good as new with fully replaceable Velcro straps and Neoprene pads.

Improved Comfort & Fit

New ‘Tab Lock’ system ensures a better fit for ankles <7″ and custom fin spacing better caters for ankles 10+”.

New All-Purpose Size

New 5″ All-Purpose fin size provides the perfect balance of speed & resistance during your workouts.