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What is a Hybrid Fin?

The All Purpose Hybrid Fins are the newest addition to our line of functional drag resistance equipment. They provide a great balance of good resistance for knee hinge movements and also long lever hip articulation. The Hybrid fins can also be used for high speed water exercises, dynamic neuro-muscular training, athletic performance training, rehabilitation and injury recovery pool training.

The new and improved design offers enhanced performance, fit, comfort and durability.

2-Minute fin assembly is required prior to your first use. Instructions are included in the box, or you can watch our assembly video here. Be sure to separate the pair of Velcro straps that will arrive stuck together and can appear as one.


Customizable & Replaceable

Keep your Fins as good as new with fully replaceable Velcro straps and Neoprene pads.

Improved Comfort & Fit

New ‘Tab Lock’ system ensures a better fit for ankles <7″ and custom fin spacing better caters for ankles 10+”.

New All-Purpose Size

New 5″ All-Purpose fin size provides the perfect balance of speed & resistance during your workouts.

Designed with New Materials

New textured neoprene backing helps ensure a more secure fit ensuring maximum comfort.

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Instructional Videos

Assembling the All-Purpose Hybrid Fins

Fitting the Hybrid Fins on Large Ankles

Fitting the Hybrid Fins on Small Ankles and Wrists


Are the new Hybrid Fins replacing the High Speed and Maximum Resistance Fins by Aqualogix?2019-11-07T19:56:33-08:00

No! The All-Purpose Fins are 5” which sits halfway between the Aqualogix High Speed Fins (4”) and the Max Resistance Fins (6”). The introduction of this new All-Purpose size allows users to choose a level of resistance tailored to their individual fitness level and achieve their desired training effect more than ever before!

How do the All-purpose fins compare with the Aquastrength Fins?2020-04-27T10:24:37-07:00

The All Purpose fins provide slightly less resistance to the Aquastrength Fins. The Aquastrength fins also provide more vertical resistance which makes them a good option for those looking to do lots of jumping / plyometric exercises. Looking at our entire range from most to least overall resistance you would have; Aqualogix Blue Maximum Resistance Fins, Aquastrength Fins, Aqualogix All-Purpose Fins and finally Aqualogix Green High Speed Fins.

What happens when the velcro and neoprene wears out?2019-11-07T19:58:00-08:00

Our new Hybrid Fins come with fully replaceable velcro straps and neoprene pads so you can easily replace them as they deteriorate over time and heavy use.

I have small ankles, will they fit?2019-11-07T19:58:40-08:00

Yes! The Hybrid Fin features a new “tab lock” system that ensures a better fit than ever before for ankles <7”. Once fitted the velcro tab is able to pass through the leading fin to keep them locked in place.

I have large ankles, will they fit?2019-11-07T19:59:15-08:00

Yes! The velcro strap allows those with larger ankles to more evenly space the fins by just using the 4 outer slots and skipping the middle one.

Who have the All-Purpose Fins been designed for?2019-11-07T19:59:53-08:00

The All-Purpose Fins are ideal for everything from general fitness and sports performance through to rehab and recovery. They are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Can I use these fins in pools that are kept at a higher temperature?2019-11-07T20:00:37-08:00

Yes, these fins can be used in all types of pools. The new neoprene used on the Hybrid Fin is more durable than ever before. As always, we recommend following our care instructions carefully to keep you fins in top shape for as long as possible. General wear and tear can be expected over time but our fins can easily be brought back to new by simply replacing the velcro strap and neoprene pad!

Will the fins move / rotate during exercise?2020-08-18T08:10:45-07:00

If the fins are fitted correctly, you should not experience too much movement during your workout. We have also upgraded the neoprene on the Hybrid Fin which features more of a textured / embossed material on the skin side of the pad which offers increased levels of grip. We recommend familiarizing yourself with our fin fitment video to ensure you achieve the best fit before hopping in the pool. Also, avoid applying sunscreen or lotion to the skin where the fins will be fitted.

No matter what you need to strap the fins on tightly for a good hold. Specifically for the Aqualogix version of the fins, an easy way to increase the security of the Velcro grip is to adjust (not cutting) the position of the neoprene pad. You can remove the pad from the fin and then slide it over about 1 inch. The overall length of the fin will now be longer and you will see the back side of the leading fin, when looking at the backside of the fin. This is fine though as you’ve also increased the surface area of the Velcro “Hooks” and will therefore have a larger contact patch when wrapped.

How do I correctly fit my new Hybrid Fins?2020-09-04T13:17:59-07:00

Please refer to our fitment videos for our tips and recommendations for small and larger ankle sizes. For general fitting of the Hybrid Fins see below;


Can the fins be worn on my wrist / forearm?2021-06-21T10:53:58-07:00