Benefits of the new Hydrorevolution Aquatic Racket Trainer

Why Water? Before discussing the benefits of training with the Aquatic Racket Trainer, let's talk about the water. Moving your workout to the pool can be a fun and exciting way to challenge yourself, mix up your exercise routine and build functional fitness.  The water itself is an amazing tool that can assist, resist and support movement.  Consider this, when you immerse your body in chest depth water:  The pressure on your joints is reduced by upwards of 80% [...]

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Resistance Pool Training – Which Technology Is Right for You? A Simplified Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to resistance pool training, the question isn’t, “who can it help?”  but more like, “who can’t it help?”  Pool training or aquakinetics as it’s known is something that has classically been associated with fitness for older adults and yet it’s one of the most versatile ways to train with benefits for every body. That’s right—aquatic fitness is phenomenal as an all-levels training method that literally scales to any physical ability level and has benefits for both [...]

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Unlock the full potential of your pool

The pandemic has resulted in more and more people taking their workout to the water. Introducing drag resistance equipment to the equation helps attract a new demographic to aquatic training and offers a wide range of training applications and exercise variations to keep workouts exciting and help users avoid hitting a plateau. Equipment for All Ages & Abilities One of the biggest benefits of drag resistance training is that it puts the user in control. The harder they push, the [...]

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Which Barbell is Right for Me?

The Hydrorevolution Barbell range has grown and we are excited to now have 3 options for customers to choose from! Each Barbell brings its own benefits and caters to different fitness levels and training goals. When making your selection, we recommend considering the following points to ensure you choose the right barbell for the job! Your Training Goal: The first thing to consider is what you are wanting to achieve. If you are focused on general fitness or weight [...]

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Add Speed And Power To Your Swing

Whether you play golf, tennis, hockey, baseball or softball, chances are you all want to add more speed and power to your swing! We have compiled a list of 5 of our favourite exercises to try with the Hydrorevolution Swing Trainer to help you do just that!   Finding a method of cross training that can train the correct energy systems, develop specific muscle groups and practice the precise movements relevant to your sport can be extremely beneficial. The Hydrorevolution [...]

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The Hybrid Fin every swimmer needs

Last week, leaders in Aquatic Fitness, Hydrorevolution, launched a new range of Swim bundles designed to help swimmers improve their overall performance by utilizing the internationally patented Hybrid Fin by Aqualogix to improve kicking strength and speed. Hydrorevolution worked with Swim Strength Coach, Franco Zuccoli, to develop a Freestyle Flutter Kick program to compliment the Hybrid Fin and provide customers with a workout that would not only help better a swimmers performance, but also allow for any individual to learn how [...]

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