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The Hybrid Fin every swimmer needs

Last week, leaders in Aquatic Fitness, Hydrorevolution, launched a new range of Swim bundles designed to help swimmers improve their overall performance by utilizing the internationally patented Hybrid Fin by Aqualogix to improve kicking strength and speed. Hydrorevolution worked with Swim Strength Coach, Franco Zuccoli, to develop a Freestyle Flutter Kick program to compliment the Hybrid Fin and provide customers with a workout that would not only help better a swimmers performance, but also allow for any individual to learn how [...]

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Georges St-Pierre’s Training Secret Revealed: The Aquatic Training System that Changed My Life

Today GEORGES ST-PIERRE shared one of his training secrets that helps keep him in “the best shape of his life” and announced a new collaboration with Aquatics company HYDROREVOLUTION. Since his ACL injury in 2011, Georges has been taking his workout to the water with the help of drag resistance training equipment from AQUALOGIX and AQUASTRENGTH. Not only did this form of training help him recover quickly and efficiently from his injury, but fast forward 7 years and Georges continues [...]

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