APT Shoulder Recovery Program

APT Shoulder Recovery Program



Equipment Used:

  • Aqualogix (High Speed or All-Purpose) or Aquastrength Bells (not included)

2 Stretching and 13 Strengthening Exercises Include:

  • 13 Shoulder recruitment exercises w/ linked videos
    • Core Stir
    • Rotator Cuff
    • Slice to Pull
    • Forearm Supination
    • More…


This Shoulder Recovery Program has been developed exclusively for Hydrorevolution by The Aquatic Performance Training Center who specialize in post-physical therapy, health & wellness, and sports performance. This program is a great starting point for any person that is looking to improve their results post physical therapy or recovering from an injury in their shoulder or arm complex. This routine can be used for more results after an injury, help you gain upper body strength, and improve your overall upper body toning.

If you are coming directly out of physical therapy we recommend that you keep your speed slower until your strength increases, keep your motions smooth and focused on form during all stages of this program. In the beginning of your recovery your shoulder should be in a depth of the water that the water is at your shoulder/ collar bone line. As you begin to progress in the program you may move your body shallower to the chest line.

Remember, as your fitness level improves you can continue to challenge yourself and avoid hitting a plateau by simply increasing the time or intensity. With Aquastrength and Aqualogix equipment, the harder you push, the harder the workout!

For each movement you will find imagery and detailed cueing instructions to show you how each exercise should be performed. You can also refer to the exercise library at any time to watch a video clip demonstrating each variation. To access the video library simply refer to the instructions sent in your order confirmation email, or click on the video icon seen throughout this program and use your special password to unlock the content.

We recommend this workout be performed using your choice of Aquastrength Bells, Aqualogix High Speed Bells or Aqualogix All Purpose Bells. Generally the Aqualogix Maximum Resistance bells provide to much resistance for those recovering from a shoulder injury or surgery.

Please note this Hydrorevolution program is for informational purposes only. We recommend consulting with a physician before performing this or any exercise program.

*Password will be provided in a second download, delivered with your order confirmation. Access the APT Shoulder Recovery video library via the camera icon found at the top right corner of the program training pages. This will open a password protected Vimeo video album.


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