Aqua-Box & HIIT Training Bundle

Aqua-Box & HIIT Training Bundle

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  • 1 Set of bells – Choose Aqualogix All-Purpose or Maximum Resistance
  • 1 Set of fins – Choose Aqualogix All-Purpose or Maximum Resistance
  • Optional – Discounted Aquastrength Barbell (3ft or upgraded 4ft bar length)
  • Optional – Training Bag ($10 off, when selected here)
  • Optional – Discounted 2nd set of bells from either Aqualogix or Aquastrength
  • Optional – Discounted 2nd set of fins from either Aqualogix or Aquastrength



The NEW Hydrorevolution Aqua-Box & HIIT bundle comes complete with a set of Aqualogix All Purpose Bells, Aqualogix All Purpose Hybrid Fins and a copy of the new Aqua-Box & HIIT workout program designed by Coach KJEM to increase punching power, rotational abilities and general fitness.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most individuals will be best served by the Aqualogix All-Purpose Bells  and Aqualogix All Purpose Fins for this workout, however more experienced athletes who are focused on building dynamic strength might opt for the “Max Resistance” Bells and Fins for an increased challenge. The Aquastrength Barbell is also a recommended add-on to this bundle, the Aqua-Box & HIIT workouts contain a number of optional barbell exercises. This is available in standard 3′ bar or longer 4′ bar (generally recommended for those over 6′, for wider grip options).

Kristina (Coach KJEM) has been boxing for over twenty years and coaching for over a decade in Toronto, Canada. Her passion to make the real sport of boxing accessible to everyone has driven her to develop this workout exclusively for Hydrorevolution.

Each workout is done in timed rounds to mimic boxing training and caters for all fitness levels by offering Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options at each stage. The digital download is broken down into the following sections:

Section 1. Boxing Technique: Learn or finesse your boxing stance and punches.

  • Jab & Straight
  • Hooks
  • Uppercuts

Section 2. Aqua-Box Workouts

  • Aqua-Box Workout 1: Crush calories with a 10-Round Fast Paced Workout with punch combo variations for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Athletes and Boxers.
  • Aqua-Box Workout 2: Three Different Punch Combination Workouts for Intermediate to Advanced Athletes or Boxers. Focusing on your Straight, Hooks or Uppercut punch combinations.

Section 3. Full Body HIIT: Boxer Specific Strength & Conditioning;

  • HIIT full body workout with variations for all levels.

*This is not a typical “boxfit” workout. All boxing technique & punch combinations are real boxing combinations that can be used on land or in water to improve your boxing skills. You will get fit as a result of training like a boxer improving strength, cardio, coordination and speed.

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