Aqualogix All Purpose Training Bells – Pink




  • 1 set of Aqualogix All Purpose Training Bells (Pink and Smoke Bells are equal size).
  • Quick Start Guide – Additional resources available HERE.

Optional Recommended Programming (sold separately):

  • APT Shoulder Recovery Program – Developed by Aquatic Performance Training to focus on Shoulder Strength, Conditioning & Therapy. Recommended for use with High Speed and All-Purpose Bells.
  • GSP Upper Body Blast – World Champion MMA Athlete Georges St-Pierre shares his own personal workout to develop power & strength in the pool.
  • Hydrorevolution Upper Body Workout PDF – Doctor developed program that focuses primarily on strength and stability, suitable for all ages.

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Aquatic Training Bells are an upper body blaster. Vary your resistance levels from high speed to maximum muscle building and everything in-between. Offering a complete range of tempo levels for clients in therapy to elite level sports development.

Common features of 3D drag resistant aquatic training bells:

  • Hand held omni-directional resistance training with these modern aquatic handbells.
  • Most effective for upper body and core specific training.
  • High intensity, low impact training for all fitness levels.
  • Most effective when used in conjunction with Fins.

Aqualogix Bells (Medium Resistance – Slow to Fast Tempo) – The All Purpose Bells provide an initial starting point for warming up and stretching, but also are the perfect size for most (if not all) training movements. These are perfect for a quick tempo set, aquatic fitness workouts, cardio, core, strengthening and injury recovery training. Smaller in size than the Aquastrength Bells, these allow for close crossover and like all the Aqualogix bells have a high impact resistance. We typically recommend those without special training needs to start with the All Purpose Aqualogix Bells or Aquastrength Bells.


Additional information

Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 10 in


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