Aqualogix Maximum Resistance Hybrid Fins

Aqualogix Maximum Resistance Hybrid Fins


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  • 1 set of Aqualogix Maximum Resistance Hybrid Training Fins
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Aqualogix Fins provide a Dynamic, high-intensity, low-impact cardiovascular aquatic workout. Engages your lower or upper body, legs or arms and core. Strengthens, builds and tones muscles and burns calories more effectively than most land based workouts. Allow for a fuller range of motion and coordination for injury recovery

  • Dynamic high-intensity, low-impact cardiovascular aquatic workout
  • Engages your lower or upper body, legs or arms and core
  • Strengthens, builds and tones muscles and burns calories more effectively than most land based workouts

Maximum Resistance Blue Hybrid Fins (6″ Blades) – The Blue Fins provide high resistance.  The maximum resistance Fins are superior in high intensity lower body water exercises.  You achieve results with high speed water exercises, dynamic neuro-muscular training, athletic performance training, rehabilitation and injury recovery pool training.

US Patent – 10,596,418
US Patent – 9,833,651
US Patent – 8,652,013

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 6 in

4 reviews for Aqualogix Maximum Resistance Hybrid Fins

  1. Pat

    I bought these to strengthen my legs before a TKR-(total knee replacement). I have been water-walking a mile at a time and needed more resistance. These are amazing! I do the first 1/2 mile without, then put them on for the 2nd 1/2 mile. At some point I will probably use them the entire mile. My legs are getting very strong and as an added bonus they are looking like runner’s legs. Nice! The comfort and fit of these is great. They are very soft on your ankles and stay tight the entire time. You determine how much resistance you want by how hard/fast you move your legs. I am VERY glad I bought these! I have also found my new favorite way to work out!

  2. Dr V

    I have been using these fins for pool rehab since my hip surgery. Have been very effective in helping me get stronger and more flexible. My physical therapist son recommended pool workouts and they have been great. I highly recommend these over the stretch bands that wrap between the ankles. More comfortable and effective.

  3. Lisa P.

    First, let me start with the one criticism I have with the Aqualogix fins: And that is, they don’t stay put. After walking two lengths of the pool, they begin to loosen and need to be retightened. That’s my only complaint and the reason I gave these 4 stars and not 5. Now for the Pro’s: these are made of quality materials. The neoprene pads are comfortable around the ankles/legs and have ample padding so that they are not digging into you. Like the person who reviewed these before me, I too purchased these to strengthen my legs before having total knee replacement surgery and wanted extra resistance when water walking. I’m glad I got the max-resistance fins because they offer the perfect amount of resistance. After a couple of laps, you can really feel the difference when water walking with the fins on. I also do flutter kicks on my back across the length of the pool and when wearing the Aqualogix fins, my quads began burning (in a good way) after just one lap. I actually had to stop and rest before continuing on. I could also feel my heart rate increasing and began getting a good cardio workout. Would I buy these again? Absolutely. I just wish the fins would stay in one place a little longer.

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      Thanks so much for your feedback Lisa! I am glad you are enjoying the fins but sorry to hear you’ve had some trouble getting them to stay put during your workouts, this shouldn’t be the case. I have included a link below to a short video clip that covers Aqualogix Fin fitment, hopefully this helps resolve the issue for you? Please let us know if we can help in any other way :)

  4. Rhonda R.

    I like these pretty well. They do provide some good resistance when water walking or doing water exercises. They are easy to put on, but it sometimes is a little tricky to get them tight enough. They are comfortable and easy to use. The Velcro straps hold really well. Sometimes I have to retighten one of them, but they are really good and I feel like they give good resistance.

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