Aqualogix Total Package w/ Hybrid Fins

Aqualogix Total Package w/ Hybrid Fins


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  • 3 sets of Aqualogix Bells (Blue/Black/Green)
  • 3 sets of Aqualogix Fins (Blue/Hybrid-Sulfur/Green)
  • Optional – Training Bag ($10 off, when selected here), Medium Duffle fits all Total Package Gear




This popular package includes THREE sets of different resistance levels of upper body bells, TWO sets of our Classic ultra comfort lower body fins and ONE set of our new All Purpose Hybrid Fins, making it the ideal package for people of all levels and abilities wanting to progress their training and maximize the benefits of working out in the water.

There is no other aquatic exercise equipment in the world like “The Total Package” from Aqualogix. Aqualogix provides users with the ability to go through progressions and regressions, essential to maximizing the benefits of any pool exercise program. Aqua Bells and Fins are available in high speed, all purpose, and max resistance. They attach as a super comfortable cuff on the ankle to provide lower body resistance in all planes of motion. They can be worn on the wrist to provide hands free upper body resistance. This benefits users with hand or wrist injuries and limitations or in conjunction with the bells for added resistance. Turn your pool into a gym with the Aqualogix Total Package.

Also includes the Hydrorevolution Total Body Workout PDF download.

*The Medium Mesh Duffle Bag will hold the Total Package. Order now for $10 off the training bag.

Additional information

Weight150 oz
Dimensions11 × 11 × 11 in
Bag Add-on

Large Mesh Duffle Bag (LGMESHDUFF), Medium Mesh Duffle Bag (MDMESHDUFF), Mesh Cinch Bag (MESHCINCH), None

1 review for Aqualogix Total Package w/ Hybrid Fins

  1. Robert Mitchell

    Lives4tea (verified owner)

    I love this equipment! Since I began doing regular workouts (3x/week) with AquaLogix fins etc. I have found a change in my body that I couldn’t get from the gym. I have worked out my entire life and now in midlife, there are exercises and certain things (like running) that my body just can’t do anymore. I especially love this equipment because I get an excellent toning workout without the soreness I get used to get from weight lifting. It’s much better on my aging body. I would recommend this product wholeheartedly.

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