Aquastrength Aquatic Training Bells

Aquastrength Aquatic Training Bells



  • 1 set of Aquastrength Training Bells.
  • Optional Foam Buoyancy Inserts 12 Pack.
  • Quick Start Guide – Additional resources available HERE.

Optional Recommended Programming (sold separately):


The Aquastrength Upper Body Bells are everything you need to work on upper body strength, muscle tone and stability.

These bells suitable for all ages and abilities.

The Aquastrength Bells that have been designed to further enhance the waters 3D properties. This means that the Bells can be moved in any direction and provide a smooth uniform resistance to maximize strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, speed, power and stability.

Looking for a convenient way to combine the benefits of your drag resistance Aquastrength Bells with the stability of foam buoyancy dumbbells? Our optional custom cut Polyethylene foam inserts are specifically made to fit into the outer cavities of the Aquastrength Bells. These inserts require 1 to 5.25lbs of force to submerge when used on a single bell or 2 to 10.5lbs of force when added to a Dumbbell or Barbell. Choose these as an option when ordering.

Available in pink and blue. Both colors provide same level of resistance.

Additional information

Weight 44 oz
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 10 in
Bell Choice



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