Aquastrength Aquatic Training Dumbbells (Pair)

Aquastrength Aquatic Training Dumbbells (Pair)


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  • 1 Pair of Aquastrength Training Dumbbells.
  • Quick Start Guide – Additional resources available HERE.


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The Aquastrength Dumbbells have been designed for upper body strength & core training. They provide multi-directional resistance and when used as a pair provide a more extreme workout! As the Dumbbells are half the size of the Aquastrength Barbell they can also be utilized vertically or horizontally to provide great core strengthening.

If you have been looking for something to take your workout to the next level, and provide even more resistance, the Aquastrength Dumbbells are for you!

Plus, get a FREE copy of the Hydrorevolution Upper Body Workout when you purchase a pair of Dumbbells. *This program uses the individual hand bells, but many of the movements can be performed with the dumbbells as a more intense option.

Single Dumbbells can also be used for asymmetrical training as well as core strengthening.

Available in blue or pink (pink image not yet available). Both colors provide same level of resistance.

Dumbbells may ship unassembled due to postal size restrictions for certain services. You will receive ready to assemble dumbbells, with all the necessary items to complete the assembly (approx 2-3 minutes).

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Weight 112 oz
Dimensions 42 × 10 × 10 in
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2 reviews for Aquastrength Aquatic Training Dumbbells (Pair)

  1. Doug M (verified owner)

    The highest resistance water device currently available and state-of-the-art at this time. The handles as they come are about 12 in Long and I found cutting them down by 3-4 inches helps with the balance on sophisticated moves, like boxing. Walking laps cross country style is fantastically effective for overall power and high-end cardio. Use a saw designed for PVC pipe. So popular with other people at the gym I fear they may be stolen.

  2. Douglas Milliken (verified owner)

    As a followup to the previous review: I’ve added self-sealing silicone tape as a handle wrap, for firm padding, and a larger and slip-resistant grip. Highly recommended.

    As of yesterday I did 3 miles of walking laps with them, cross-country style. A massive full-body workout.

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