Ben Bruno Portable Bell Set

Ben Bruno Portable Bell Set

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  • 1 set of Aqualogix Upper Body Training Bells (All-Purpose Smoke or Max Resistance Blue)
  • Optional – 2nd set of bells (Discounted)
  • Optional – Training Bag ($10 off, when selected here)


  • Ben Bruno Upper Body Circuit w/ Guided Video Demonstrations


Aquatic Training Bells are great for an upper body workout. Vary your resistance levels from high speed to maximum muscle building and everything in-between. Offering a complete range of tempo levels for clients in therapy to elite level sports development.

Common features of 3D drag resistant aquatic training bells:

  • Hand held omni-directional resistance training with these modern aquatic handbells.
  • Most effective for upper body and core specific training.
  • High intensity, low impact training for all fitness levels.
  • Most effective when used in conjunction with Fins.

Aqualogix Smoke Bells (Medium Resistance – Slow to Fast Tempo) or <180lbs – The All Purpose Bells provide an initial starting point for warming up and stretching, but also are the perfect size for most training movements. These are perfect for a quick tempo set, aquatic fitness workouts, aqua boxing, cardio, core, strengthening and injury recovery training. Smaller in size than the Aquastrength Bells, these allow for close crossover movements and like all the Aqualogix bells have a high impact resistance.

Aqualogix Blue Bells (Maximum Resistance – Slow to Moderate Tempo) or >180lbs – The blue Bells are used to develop power and strength. The maximum resistance Bells provide dynamic upper body strength and power training in a water workout. They are often used by more experienced users whose goals are to develop dynamic strength and endurance. Due to the size of the bells, smaller or de-conditioned individuals will have a tough time moving these as anything beyond a slow to moderate pace.

With this bundle you will receive a copy of Ben Bruno’s Upper Body Circuit as a printable PDF that illustrates each exercise and also gain access to a video library where Ben will walk you through each exercise in detail. As a Hydrorevolution customer you will also have access to our free training resources that can be found here.

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