Ben Bruno Men’s Bundle

Ben Bruno Men’s Bundle

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  • 1 Set of Aqualogix Maximum Resistance Blue Bells
  • 1 Set of Aqualogix All Purpose Smoke Bells
  • 1 Aquastrength Barbell (3ft or upgraded 4ft bar length)
  • Optional – 1 Set of Hydro Tone Hydro-Bells (Ultimate Linear Resistance)
  • Optional – 1 Set of Aqualogix Maximum Resistance Hybrid Fins (Lower Body Focus)
  • Optional – 1 Swing Trainer (Core and Sport Specific Training)
  • Optional – Training Bag ($10 off, when selected here)


  • Ben Bruno Men’s Workout Program w/ Guided Video Demonstrations


Turn your pool into a gym with the Ben Bruno Men’s Workout Bundle. Complete with our popular Aquastrength Barbell, 2 Sets of Aqualogix Bells and a Men’s workout program developed by Ben Bruno this package has everything you need to focus on upper body and core strength.

The Aquastrength Barbell’s unique design allows the user to perform a multitude of exercises that focus on dynamic flexibility, upper body, core strength, coordination, balance, rotary stability, power, agility and endurance. The Barbell has one Aquastrength Bell permanently attached at each end to provide multi-directional resistance in the water. The 4 foot length bar (vs. 3ft on the standard bar) allows for wider grip position and more overhead mobility. You will notice more flex with the increased bar length, which promotes rapid muscle contractions (increasing proportionally with narrower grip and increased effort). Those 6′ or taller could benefit from the longer 4′ bar.

The Aqualogix Bells will give you a near limitless range of exercises for your upper body. Having the ability to switch from the Maximum Resistance to All Purpose bells allows for great progression and regression.

You will receive the Men’s Workout Program as a printable PDF that illustrates each exercise and also gain access to a video library where Ben will walk you through each exercise in detail. As a Hydrorevolution customer you will also have access to our free training resources that can be found here.

OPTIONAL ADD-ONS: Choose to add on a discounted pair of the new Hydro-Tone Bells,  Aqualogix Maximum Resistance Hybrid Fins or a Swing Trainer to get even more from your aquatic workout! Please note as these are new pieces of equipment and Ben’s programming does not yet include them, however you will be able to see how he uses them by following him on Instagram and you will also receive a quick start guide with your order that outlines some of our favorite exercises to try! 

Barbells ship unassembled due to postal size restrictions for certain services. You can complete the assembly (about 1 minute) with no required tools.

Barbell Assembly and Quick Start Guide

Additional information

Weight 66 oz
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 10 in


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