Complete Hydro-Tone Barbell

Complete Hydro-Tone Barbell



  • 1 Set of HYDRO-BELLS
  • 1 Hydro-Tone – BARBELL KIT (2 HYDRO-BELL Adapters, 1 Barbell Bar & 2 Set Screws)
  • OPTIONAL – 1 Set of Aquastrength Maximum Resistance Fins
  • Quick Start & Assembly Guide HERE
  • Assembly requires 1 Phillips (star head) screwdriver
  • If you already have a HYDRO-BELL set, you only need to purchase the HYDRO-TONE Barbell Kit

Included and Optional Recommended Programming:

  • HR Barbell 360 Workout PDF (Included) – Doctor developed program that focuses primarily on strength and stability, suitable for all ages.
  • HR Barbell HIIT Workout PDF (Optional) – The exercises in this program will really challenge your overall stability, balance, coordination and movement patterns.

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This system includes the HYDRO-BELLS and the Hydro-Tone Barbell Kit which allows the HYDRO-BELLS to become the ultimate aquatic barbell. This kit allows you to modify your HYDRO-BELLS for instant Barbell work. Press the tabs to remove the HYDRO-BELLS for independent Dumbbell use. Easily achieve your land-based muscle “pump” in the safety of the water. This Barbell provides twice the resistance of the Aquastrength Barbell.

*If you already own a set of HYDRO-BELLS you will only need to purchase the Hydro-Tone Barbell Kit. One time, 5-minute assembly allows you to modify the included HYDRO-BELLS to work with our custom barbell bar.

Additional information

Weight 86 oz
Dimensions 35 × 10 × 9 in


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