Foam Buoyancy Inserts – 12 Pack

Foam Buoyancy Inserts – 12 Pack


  • 12 individual foam inserts for use with Aquastrength Bells
  • Balanced buoyant force of 2.6, 3.5 or 5.25lbs per bell (depending on how many inserts are used)
  • Ideal for water walking, push downs and rows
  • Useful with elbow/shoulder flexion and extension
  • Provides assistance when working core and range of motion
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Looking for a convenient way to combine the benefits of your drag resistance Aquastrength Bells with the stability of foam buoyancy dumbbells? Our custom cut Polyethylene foam inserts are specifically made to fit into the outer cavities of the Aquastrength Bells. These inserts require 1 to 5.25lbs of force to submerge when used on a single bell or 2 to 10.5lbs of force when added to a Dumbbell or Barbell.

The specific cut and style of foam allows the inserts to be easily added or removed from the bells as needed, but stay securely in place while in use.

Foam inserts are sold in packs of 12. This is enough to fill all the exterior cavities on two full bells or both bells on a single dumbbell/barbell. For balance, we recommend inserting at least 3 inserts (every other location), 4 inserts (2 on each end of the center handle) or all 6. The buoyancy achievable with these inserts is similar to that found in traditional “light”, “medium” and “heavy” foam dumbbells.

*Aquastrength Bells are sold separately and are required for the inserts to function as stated.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 3 in


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