Hydro Tone Hydro-Bells




  • 1 set of Hydro-Tone Hydro-Bells
  • Optional – Set of Aquastrength Yellow Fins
  • Hydro-Tone Quick Start Guide

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Hydro-Tone is back! These popular Hydro-Bells are a hydrodynamic resistor with three-dimensional configurations designed to enhance and take advantage of the total resistance field of water. Rotating the bells 90 degrees changes the drag surface area, allowing the user to adjust the level of resistance from medium to maximum.

This principle allows users to adjust an exercise to meet their specific strength limitations and/or exercise goals. You might start with some basic movements with the bell turned to move through the water with less resistance and work towards turning the bell to go through the same movement with more resistance as your strength and overall fitness improves. Additionally, you can choose to workout at a higher tempo with the bell turned in the direction of less resistance and vice versa. Transitioning between the two positions and working out at various speeds allows users to develop and work both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers during the same workout, with the same piece of equipment.

Add the optional matching Aquastrength Maximum Resistance Fins to work your whole body. Ideal for those wanting to incorporate lower body strength and power training.

Because the design of these bells allows the user to control the level of resistance based on input, they are adaptable for all levels of fitness.

They can be used for a wide range of training goals, including but not limited to:

      • Resistance Training
      • Building Muscle Strength and Endurance
      • Mobility / Flexibility
      • Rehabilitation and Recovery
      • Planning & Periodization for Athletes
      • Speed, Strength, Power Development
      • Weight Loss/ Management
      • Toning & Sculpting

      Hydro-Bells Quick Start Guide

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