Hydrorevolution Barbell 360 Workout

Hydrorevolution Barbell 360 Workout



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Equipment Used:

  • Aquastrength Barbell
  • Aqualogix or Aquastrength Fins (Optional)

Exercises Include:

  • Horizontal Barbell Rotation
  • Barbell Step-Over
  • Bullfighter Walk Forwards/Backwards
  • Cauldrons
  • Kayak Pushes
  • Barbell Splits
  • Many more…


Hydrorevolution Barbell 360 Workout: Download & View FREE

The Hydrorevolution Barbell 360 workout has been designed to help you improve your overall fitness and function. It challenges your total body with an emphasis on core rotary stability to improve your function in day to day and sports specific activities.

The workout begins with a dynamic warm up, before moving onto a strength and stability component and finishes up with a section focused on coordination, agility, power and speed.

To complete this workout you will need an Aquastrength Barbell and a set of Lower Body Fins from Aquastrength OR Aqualogix (Optional).

Please note this program is a digital download and will be made available as a PDF file that can be printed upon completion of purchase.


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