Hydrorevolution Golf Workout Program



Equipment Used:

  • Aqualogix All-Purpose Bells & Fins recommended (not included)

24 Rotational Mobility/Strengthening Exercises + 5 Swing Pattern Movements:

  • 24 key recruitment exercises
    • Shoulders
    • Upper Body
    • Core
    • Hips
  • 5 Swing Pattern Movements
    • Backswing & Forward Swing Rotation
    • Sequence of the Downswing
    • More….


The Hydrorevolution Golf Workout Program has been designed by Professional Golf Instructor, Sam Frost, to improve the rotational abilities and overall performance of golfers.

Golf is a unique sport that requires a great deal twisting and rotational movements and for that one needs to be strong and have a great deal of range of motion in the golfing muscles. It is a common tendency for golfers to have poor rotational abilities due to the fact that very little rotational movements actually occur in daily life. Previous studies show that poor mechanics mostly due to improper rotational movements and limited range of motion are the leading causes of golf related injuries, especially for amateurs. Rotational movements and training contribute in a huge way to the overall results of a good golf swing. With rotation of golfing muscles performed correctly, there will be a significant increase in swing speed and driving distances as a result.

Relaxed and loose muscles are known as quick and fast muscles and are crucial in executing a successful golf swing. Traditional weight training can often lead to tight and sore muscles which move slower and the soreness can last for days. This could also lead to up to a 50% reduction in range of motion and affect the timing of a golf swing. The exercises in this program will help reduce tightness and improve range of motion which will go a long way in improving your swing and overall performance.

This listing is for the program only and we recommend using the Aqualogix All Purpose bells and fins (not included) while completing this program. If you need equipment and the program, please see our discounted bundled solution – Total Body Golf Bundle.

A little bit about Sam Frost: 
During his careers as a Golf Instructor, Sam has worked with numerous golf professionals competing on the US PGA, European, Asian and South African Golf Tours. Notables includes Seve Ballesteros, (5 time Major winner) and Retief Goosen, ( 2 time US Open winner.) Sam was also the personal golf instructor for Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone for many years and has taught golf for over a decade  at Congressional Country Club, host to multiple US Open’s.


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