Hydrorevolution Prenatal Workout Program

Hydrorevolution Prenatal Workout Program



Equipment Used:

  • Aqualogix or Aquastrength Bells
  • Aqualogix or Aquastrength Fins

Exercises Include:

  • Walking Sideways with Semi-Squat
  • Side Lunge
  • Core Rotation with One Bell
  • Push Pulls with Squats
  • Diamond Kicks
  • Power Swings
  • Splits and Jacks
  • Many more…


Hydrorevolution Prenatal Workout Program:

The Hydrorevolution Prenatal workout program has been designed for all the expecting Mothers out there!

In addition to helping you improve your strength, mobility, endurance and overall fitness, the Prenatal Workout Program will also help to relieve some of the common pregnancy concerns such as swollen feet and aching joints.

Working out in the pool allows you to move about and challenge yourself without worrying about the risk of injury, making it the perfect way to workout before, during and after pregnancy!

This workout can be completed using Aquastrength or Aqualogix Bells and Fins.

Please note this program is a digital download and will be made available as a PDF file that can be printed upon completion of purchase.

To learn more about the benefits of aquatic exercise during pregnancy checkout this blog ​from Aquastrength.


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