Hydrorevolution Single Bell Workout

Hydrorevolution Single Bell Workout



Equipment Used:

  • Aqualogix or Aquastrength Bells (At least one)

Exercises Include:

  • Open Stance Core Rotations
  • Split Stance Alternating Push Downs
  • Open Stance Flies
  • Single Leg Row
  • Alternating Bell Pass
  • Bell Chops
  • Many more…


Hydrorevolution Single Bell Workout:

The Single Bell Program has been designed for people who are looking to add more of a challenge to their coordination,balance and overall fitness level. It kicks off with a warm up, before moving onto a strength and stability component and finishing off with a range of exercises to target the core. The program can be completed using either a single Aquastrength Bell or a single Aqualogix Bell*
*Please note the program includes two “pass through” exercises which most people find easier to perform using the Aquastrength Bell given it has an open handle design.

Please note this program is a digital download and will be made available as a PDF file that can be printed upon completion of purchase.


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