Hydrorevolution Breast Cancer Survivor Workout

Hydrorevolution Breast Cancer Survivor Workout



Equipment Used:

  • Aqualogix or Aquastrength Bells
  • Aqualogix or Aquastrength Fins

Exercises Include:

  • Clap Behind Walk
  • Clasp Hands Overhead Lift
  • Shoulder Flexion with Bells
  • Bell Pass Behind Back
  • Squat Pull Downs
  • Hip Adduction/Abduction
  • Cross Country Ski
  • Many more…


Hydrorevolution Breast Cancer Survivor Program:

Ask our surgeon or health care professional when it’s safe to start doing these exercises

The Hydrorevolution Breast Cancer Survivor Program has been designed to help with overall flexibility, strength, stability and cardiovascular endurance. Continue your journey to recovery with Hydrorevolution.

This program can be completed with Aquastrength OR Aqualogix Bells and Fins.

Please be sure to ask your surgeon or health care professional when it is safe for you to begin following this workout program. Know your comfort level and be sure to ​never work through any pain.

Please note this program is a digital download and will be made available as a PDF file that can be printed upon completion of purchase.



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