Ben Bruno Surf & Turf Training Program

Ben Bruno Surf & Turf Training Program



Equipment Used:

  • Aqualogix Bells, Hybrid Fins, Aquastrength Barbell, Swing Trainer and Resistance Bands
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3 Primary Components of the Surf & Turf Program:

Section 1. Land Based Warm Up (incorporates resistance bands to help muscle activation)

Section 2. Land Based Body-Weight Exercises for Lower Body

Section 3. 14 Pool Based Exercises for both Upper and Lower Body

Includes access to online library of movements with guidance through each movement.

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Ben developed this program to ensure you get the most of each piece of equipment and every workout! It starts off with a land-based series utilizing the Hydrorevolution Resistance Bands and a range of body-weight exercises and is followed with a comprehensive pool series. With many progressions / regressions available for each movement, it is suitable for men and women of all fitness abilities.

Upon purchase you will receive a digital PDF of the Surf & Turf Program that illustrates each exercise. You will also gain access to an exclusive video library where Ben will walk you through each exercise of the program in detail. As a Hydrorevolution customer you will also have access to our free training resources that can be foundĀ here.


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