SWIM Systems – SWIM-FIT Strength & Conditioning Program

SWIM Systems – SWIM-FIT Strength & Conditioning Program



Equipment Used:

  • Bell & Fins (not included) at a minimum. We also strongly recommend a Aquastrength Barbell or set of Hydro-Bells or Aquastrength Dumbbells
  • Need equipment? SWIM-FIT Ultimate Bundle

6 Sections to transform yourself into a physically stronger, faster, superior swimmer.

Shoulders – Arms – Chest/Back – Core – Legs – Jumps



The Hydrorevolution Swim Systems – SWIM-FIT Strength & Conditioning Program with our selection of hydro strength tools to transform yourself into a physically stronger, faster, superior swimmer. This workout can be completed using your choice of Bells and Fins by either Aqualogix or Aquastrength and highly recommend to have either the Hydro-Bells, Barbell or Aquastrength Dumbbells. Program is provided as a PDF with full illustrations and cueing instructions.

If you do not have the necessary equipment please view our SWIM-FIT Ultimate Bundle.

4 Sections to Strengthen your Kick for Speed, Efficiency & Fitness Include:

Section 1. Shoulder
Section 2. Arm
Section 3. Chest/Back
Section 4. Core
Section 5. Legs
Section 6. Jump

Complete with detailed cueing.

A little bit about Franco Zuccoli: 

Hydrorevolution has partnered with Swim Strength Coach Franco Zuccoli to create the New Hydrorevolution Swim System by developing the Freestyle Flutter Kick Program.  With a B.S. in Exercise Science and Wellness, Franco has drawn on his 30+ years’ experience working with high level athletes, teams and coaches, along with being a former competitive professional Triathlete and Open Water Swimmer himself for years. Franco believes “If someone can learn how to swim properly, hands down, it is the single best sport and or fitness activity for the brain and the body.”

The SWIM-FIT Strength & Conditioning program has also been endorsed by Craig Lewin, U.S Masters Swim Coach for Triathletes and Marathon Swimmers


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