SWIM Training Custom Bundle w/ Flutter Kick Prog.

SWIM Training Custom Bundle w/ Flutter Kick Prog.

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Equipment (Choose 1 or 2 Pair):

  • Low Resistance Green Fins (Great for Beginners & Fast Twitch Tempo)
  • Medium Resistance Smoke or Pink Fins (Increased Resistance & All-Purpose)
  • Maximum Resistance Blue Fins (Maximum Strength Building & Slow Twitch)

Programming Included:

  • SWIM – Freestyle Flutter Kick Training Program w/ Video Access
  • Hydrorevolution Lower Body Workout


Already have a set or two of the Aqualogix Fins? The Hydrorevolution SWIM Training Custom Bundle allows you to pick one or two pair of the Aqualogix Hybrid Fins with the new Hydrorevolution SWIM Systems – Freestyle Flutter Kick Program at a special discounted price. This program has been designed by Exercise and Wellness expert, Triathlete and Open Water Swimmer, Franco Zuccoli, to improve the kicking abilities and overall performance of swimmers and those simply wanting to include swimming in their fitness routine.



Instantly increase resistance during training to improve your overall kicking strength. With 3 levels of resistance to choose from we have something for swimmers of all levels and swim tempos.


Experience an instant increase in power and kick speed after removing the Hybrid fins and kick your way to a new personal best.


Training with the added resistance provided by the Hybrid fins will give you a competitive advantage and see you outperform yourself and reduce your lap time.


The internationally patented hybrid fins are like nothing else on the market. They can be worn by swimmers of all ages and levels and fit securely on ankles large and small. They are lightweight and easy to put on so you can train with them in virtually any body of water.

FIN USE: Novice swimmers may initially want to primarily use the Low Resistance (Green) Hybrid Fins for their workout. Intermediate swimmers will be able to increase the challenge with the Medium Resistance (Smoke or Pink) Hybrid Fins. Advanced swimmers will achieve benefits by training with all the resistance levels, including the Maximum Resistance (Blue) Hybrid Fins.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Novice to Advanced swimmers will benefit from having all three resistance levels of Hybrid Fins for use with this and many other fitness programs. The resistance level of the fins will have a direct impact on your kick tempo and your ability to maintain tempo throughout an exercise movement. The different resistance levels allow you to target and train slow twitch vs. fast twitch muscles independently.

A little bit about Franco Zuccoli: 

Hydrorevolution has partnered with Swim Strength Coach Franco Zuccoli to create the New Hydrorevolution Swim System by developing the Freestyle Flutter Kick Program.  With a B.S. in Exercise Science and Wellness, Franco has drawn on his 30+ years’ experience working with high level athletes, teams and coaches, along with being a former competitive professional Triathlete and Open Water Swimmer himself for years. Franco believes “If someone can learn how to swim properly, hands down, it is the single best sport and or fitness activity for the brain and the body.”

The Freestyle Flutter Kick program has also been endorsed by Craig Lewin, U.S Masters Swim Coach for Triathletes and Marathon Swimmers.

Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in

1 review for SWIM Training Custom Bundle w/ Flutter Kick Prog.

  1. Karen Schellhardt

    I bought these for my 10-yr old daughter. As with a lot of young swimmers, her problem is not kicking “enough” to get that speed with her races. You tell them to kick and they respond with “I am” when you know we’ll enough that they aren’t. We’ve had this (pink/medium resistance) for about a week now and the first time she used it she was hating life. She is forced to kick harder/faster which is what I wanted in the first place. The fit is fine, we didn’t have problems with them moving but then again she is tiny so I am able to wrap the entire thing onto her ankles. She is able to do all 4 strokes with these on just fine albeit she was slow in the beginning. After using it twice this week, her speed has increased dramatically and she now loves it and says we should use this every time we practice. I’m excited to see results as she has a big meet coming this weekend.

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