Vitor Belfort’s Youth Bundle w/ Program

Vitor Belfort’s Youth Bundle w/ Program

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  • 1 Set of Aqualogix Bells (All-Purpose or Low Resistance)
  • 1 Set of Aqualogix Hybrid Fins (All-Purpose or Low Resistance)
  • Optional – Aquatic Swing Trainer (complete with 3 levels of Resistance Fin Straps)
  • Optional – Training Bag ($10 off, when selected here) 



Help your teen take their training to the next level with the new Belfort Youth Fitness Bundle!

This scaled package has been developed with Vitor Belfort to turn your pool into a safe location for young athletes looking for ways to increase strength and fitness without putting undue stress on their joints. It is a great option for all ages and levels.

Drag resistance equipment puts the user in control, allowing them to customize the level at which they work. This makes it the perfect choice for growing teens as it will continue to challenge them as their strength and fitness improves.

Complete with everything you need for your upper body, lower body and core, this will change the way you work out and have you wishing you had jumped in the pool much sooner!

Vitor has developed a new workout program that will help you get the most out of your equipment and crush your goals safely and efficiently!

The Fins provide conditioning for your lower body and core through high intensity omni-directional resistance training. While the Bells gives you a near limitless range of exercises for your upper body.

This workout bundle includes our popular Aqualogix Hybrid Fins (All-Purpose or Low Resistance) & Aqualogix Bells (All-Purpose or Low Resistance). Optional Hydrorevolution Swing Trainer.

Insider Tip: Most young athletes will be well suited to the All-Purpose bells and fins. Individuals new to working out or with lesser muscle mass will be best served starting with the Low Resistance (Green) System. They are still in control of the resistance by increasing or decreasing their movement speed. Remember the faster the tempo, the more the resistance builds.

The Total Body workout targets your entire body including a dynamic warmup, upper. lower body, core exercises and a cardiovascular endurance component. The optional Swing Trainer is great for young athletes involved in racket, club or bat sports. While it does come with a Swing Trainer Quick Start Guide, it is not covered in the Befort Program.

The exercises in this program are very challenging and will really work your overall stability, power, playability, strength, power, balance and coordination.

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