Wave Warrior Workout Video – Digital Stream/Download

Wave Warrior Workout Video – Digital Stream/Download



  • Length: 36 min
  • Number of Exercises: 50 +
  • Levels: Appropriate for all levels (with modifications)
  • Equipment Used: Aqualogix Drag Bells & Fins *
  • Access: Link and Password to Streaming Video provided on order confirmation



Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour of Jenni Lynn Fitness shares a brand-new workout she developed for her more advancedathletic students — aka her weekend S’WET™ WAVE WARRIORS!

Ideal for individuals or instructors looking how to implement ‘strength, cardio & power’ triads into their classes, as well as take away ideas for adding maximal drag resisted exercises with and without equipment.


Warrior Warm-up:
  The warm-up includes a series of moves designed to acclimate the body to the cooler pool temperature and limber up the joints and muscles, preparing them for a Warrior workout.

Warrior Moves – Strength, Cardio & Power:
  The first segment is performed without equipment and introduces the concept of the triads. Each triad includes three exercises: Grounded strength, Cardio/aerobic & Power/anaerobic.

Each exercise is performed for just 30 seconds, thus moving quickly from one move to the other with no rest in between.

Warrior Moves – Armed & Dangerous: The second segment features drag resisted exercises with the AQUALOGIX DRAG BELLS & FINS. Drag resisted exercises become more difficult to perform due to the increased surface area and turbulence created by the equipment.

Warrior Stretch: Every Wave Warrior deserves a relaxing cool down and stretch.


This 50+ page instructional guide is jam-packed with detailed photos, helpful tips and easy-to-follow demonstrations for aquatic fitness professionals and water enthusiasts alike!

The exercises & instructions in this guide follow along with our latest DVD release: Wave Warrior.  Use this pocket guide as a companion piece to the DVD workout which includes over 50 different moves, all modifiable as needed.* You can add this optional guide when selecting your purchase. Guide is provided as a PDF download which you can then print if desired.


A note from Jenni Lynn: “There are all sorts of resistance equipment that can be used to make any aquatic workout more intense and maximize the water’s drag, but when I started incorporating the Aqualogix Drag Bells and Fins, my students and myself started seeing amazing results. The 360 degrees of resistance that the bells and fins give the arms and legs really took the workout up to the next level. I love the ‘pistol grip’ handle of the bells and the fact that you can flip the flat side of the bell to face either up, for more resistance of the anterior body, or the flat side down, for more resistance of the posterior body. Adding this equipment to Wave Warrior really takes the workout to the next level of aquatic training!”



  • Length: 36 min
  • Number of Exercises: 50 +
  • Levels: Appropriate for all levels (with modifications)
  • Equipment Used: Aqualogix Drag Bells & Fins *
  • Optional: Wave Warrior PDF Workout Guide w/ tips and detailed photos to go along with the video

* Please note: Exercises performed can be done without the use of equipment or modified with webbed gloves and even your bare hands! Foam Buoys are NOT RECOMMENDED. 


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