Hydrorevolution is proud to be the preferred choice amongst top sports teams and athletes around the world for Aquatic Fitness Equipment! Our range of drag resistance equipment has been designed to help you improve your overall performance at any given sport without harmful impact or risk of injury. Whether you are focused on speed, endurance, recovery or looking to add more power to your golf, tennis, baseball or hockey swing, drag resistance training can help. We have a growing range of programs designed to help you get the most out of your equipment and compliment your land-based training.

Train like a World Champion

“Since tearing my right ACL in 2011 I have been training with Aqualogix equipment. Their training system not only allowed me to recover quickly and efficiently but allowed me to continue training without putting any undue stress on my joints. Today I still use Aqualogix and Aquastrength equipment as part of my regular training routine for power, general fitness and recovery. I love that I am in control and create my own resistance. I feel better than ever before and encourage people of all fitness levels to give it a go and feel the benefits for themselves”

Georges St-Pierre, UFC World Champion

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