Aqualogix and Aquastrength offer a wide range of drag resistance equipment that caters for all ages and fitness levels. Drag resistance equipment puts the user in control and lets them tailor the intensity of the workout by how hard they push, meaning the same set of equipment can be used for rehabilitation through to sports performance training and everything in between!


  • Aqualogix Bells (available in high speed, all purpose and max resistance)
  • Aqualogix Fins (available in high speed and max resistance)
  • Aquastrength Bells (available in blue and pink)
  • Aquastrength Fins (available in blue and pink)
  • Aquastrength Barbell (available in blue and pink)


  • Aqualogix Total Body System
  • Aqualogix Total Package
  • Aqualogix Extra Resistance Pack
  • Aqualogix Travel Pack
  • Aqualogix 3 Bell Bundle
  • Aqualogix Ultimate Bundle
  • Aquastrength Total Body Bundle
  • Aquastrength Ultimate Bundle
  • Aquastrength Barbell 360 Bundle